John Wayne Journal Autumn 2007

In the Autumn 2007 John Wayne Film Society Journal (32 Pages) we covered the 100th Anniversary celebrations of the Duke's birthday at Winterset in a 4 page illustrated article and also featured an in interview with Patrick and Ethan Wayne, talking about their father. The 'HONDO' Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival was also featured and full details of  the film's restoration were included followed by a 2 page illustrated article which covered the showing of the film THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY.

Finally a great 2 page illustrated article covering the Academy of Arts and Sciences marking the 50th Anniversary of the film THE SEARCHERS with a screening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Hollywood which was attended by Harry Carey Jr., Dan Ford, Peter Bogdanovich, Lana Wood, Pippa Scott and Earl Holliman.

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